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Most accurate mechanical watch

What are your most accurate mechanical watches? Mine are: Doxa Sub 600T (ETA 2824-2): +1 second per two days Orfina Porsche Design (Valjoux 7750) +2 seconds per day Shturmanskie Gagarin Chronograph (cal. 31681) +2 seconds per day Rolex GMT Master II (cal. 3085) +3 seconds per day Omega Seamaster.

At the world's observatories, Omega watches set and broke records repeatedly, and still to this day hold many titles for the most accurate mechanical watches ever tested. The reputation of the Omega watch led to the company's appointment as official timekeeper for the 1932 Los Angeles Olympiad.

Wind up your watch before you wear it. It is important that sufficient energy is supplied to each movement by the mainspring of the watch. The accuracy of a mechanical watch will be more stable if it is wound up sufficiently. If the spring unwinds causing the energy level to drop, the parts controlling accuracy become easily affected by.

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After watches became sufficiently accurate to be used in scientific experiments, and lower price of regular pocket, table and wall watches enabled their spreading across population. The most important mechanical innovation of that time was without a doubt lever escapement. With the rising industrial manufacture, watches became even cheaper and. Zenith Defy Lab: World's most accurate mechanical watch tells time in a whole new way By David Szondy October 21, 2017 The Zenith Defy Lab replaces the spring escapement with a silicon oscillator.

Omega Planet Ocean. When it comes to the most accurate watches, Rolex's long-term rival has always been Omega. Both brands have been pioneering what many consider to.

The most precise watches will still lose or gain seconds every single day, which means the time on your watch can quickly become off by minutes or even hours.To limit how.

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